P&P Cleaning Services Ltd is an environmentally friendly window cleaning company using a pure water fed pole system. In addition to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness on glass work - wooden, metallic or UPVC frameworks will also benefit from the cleaning process.


The 100% pure water produced by the filtration system provides cleaning power but without the introduction of possibly destructive or harmful chemicals to the environment.


Pure water fed pole systems are self-contained and do not interfere with regular business operations, sensitive equipment, decoration or internal features.



Water-fed Pole Window Cleaning - How It Works?


Handily, H2o (water) is one of the smallest molecules in nature. That means that if you can make a screen with holes just big enough for an H2o molecule to fit through, nothing else would be able to. Filtering water like this obviously takes special equipment, but that is the basic principle. When Combined with de-ionisation through the use of ion exchange resins you really do get 99.9% pure H2o.


De-ionisation is a process where you put water through a special set of filters that contain Ion exchange resins. This resin swaps simple Ions from itself into the water in exchange for taking unwanted things out. It is only when you combine Ion exchange resins with a reverse osmosis unit do you get water clean enough for window cleaning.



Better window cleaning results. Pure water is unnatural, and it constantly strives to return to its impure state; hence its capacity to absorb large amounts of dirt from your windows. As such `pure water' becomes a highly effective cleaning solution in itself. This process involves brushing your windows clean with pure water. Firstly, loosening the dirt, and then secondly the process carries onto rinse and flush away the dirt. We then leave them wet and allow to dry naturally. Have faith, as they will dry virtually perfect in most instances. This can be disconcerting, as you may expect the water droplets to leave some marks as they dry, but remember these remaining droplets are now pure, as the dirt has been flushed away, and as they dry, they leave no marks or residues.



Health and safety


Legislation being brought in from Europe will severely limit the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The law now states that ladders should only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered, and the water fed pole window cleaning systems are now seen as a safer viable alternative within the window cleaning industry. A surprising number of accidents do happen when using ladders.





The realisation of the safety of window cleaning has led to a dramatic increase in insurance premiums. Further to this, terms and conditions of insurance policies relating to window cleaning are now stating that, the insurance policy is only effective if the method of cleaning the windows abides by current health and safety legislation. If we clean a window using a ladder and there is an accident, the insurance company could well argue their terms and conditions were not being met. This is obviously serious.


Pragmatic approach


Continuous use of ladders is acceptable if there is no viable alternative. We are taking each building individually and are assessing the risk of using ladders. In most assessments so far there is clearly a reduction of risk and also an overall improvement in the clean, although the improvement in the clean may not show itself for 2-3 cleans.


Shared responsibility


For health and safety falls onto both of us, the operative obviously, but also onto you the customer. By allowing us to proceed with the water fed pole window cleaning system you will be more than fulfilling your responsibility to health and safety.



Environmentally friendly


Pure water is used, eliminating the need for detergents and chemicals. As you can well imagine, if all window cleaning companies used this technology there would be real benefits to the environment.


Reduced disturbance and increased privacy


No more ladder holes in your lawn. No more odd faces peering through your upstairs windows. No more embarrassing moments, believe me it does happen.


Your Windows will stay cleaner longer


The absence of sticky soap residue means that dirt will find it harder to cling to your windows hence your windows stay cleaner for longer.



Reaches previously inaccessible windows


We can now reach previously dangerous inaccessible aspects of your property more safely yet effectively. For example: conservatory roofs, windows that had previously been missed or involved special access equipment.

See our Water-fed Pole in Action Below


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